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    AUTUMN 2015

    Refrex® Textile Products

    Our Refrex® Textile Products are temperature resistant up to 1400°C. In our production facility in Temse (Keramab N.V.) we manufacture a large range of different textile product forms, such as Refrex® twisted ropes, Refrex® braided packings, Refrex® tapes and others. Also we can produce special Refrex® (load resistant) ropes to stabilize process tubes inside heaters. Refrex® textiles and textile product forms are non-oxidizing and maintain their flexibility and strength in continuous high temperature conditions. Read more


    Insulair customized products

    Insulair materials are flexible blankets designed for cryogenic and high temperature applications. The product possesses unique properties of very low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, water resistance and flexibility. In our production facility in Steenbergen pre-cutted sheets and pieces can be manufactured on our wide range of CNC machines. Read more


    Insulfoam Fiber Free Board

    Insulfoam board is a low density ceramic foam board with excellent insulating properties and a high erosion resistance. Its unique properties and composition makes it suitable to use in areas where fibre linings can't be applied. Insufoam can be applied in  low thermal mass linings and is even applicable in reducing atmospheres. Further on, we are able to machine all kind of shapes (burner blocks, cover tiles, product trays, etc.) out of standard Insulfoam blocks. The product has a temperature resistance up to 1700°C and does not contain any fiber materials or organic binders.


    Hot Endoscopy Inspection

    Hot Endoscopy Inspection Service is a great tool to inspect the refractory lining, burners (performance), furnace internals like proess tubes, supports and others during full operation. The camera can be inserted through an existing peephole or an additional small opening. The Hot Endoscopy Lance Cam is also a revolutionary new tool, used during Insulcon's Hot Spot Repair Services, which are worldwide performed during the last 20 years on process heaters, boilers, reformers. tunnel kilns and others during full operation. Read more