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  • FyreWrap® Matte

    FyreWrap ® LT Blanket is a new lightweight, & flexible high temperature insulation blanket manufactured from Insulfrax low biopersistence fibres & is specifically designed for passive fire protection applications. With its enhanced fibre properties, FyreWrap LT Blanket offers significant weight savings when compared with both traditional AES wool blankets and more particularly mineral wool based products. The modified fibre characteristics also give FyreWrap LT Blankets improved handling characteristics.

    Thin, lightweight systems, combined with a flexible and easy to install form result in lower installation costs and significant weight savings. The fibres are totally inorganic and FyreWrap LT Blanket contains no binder no smoke or fumes are generated when exposed heat. FyreWrap LT Blanket is suitable for use in a wide variety of passive fire protection applications including:

    * Marine deck and bulkhead insulation in all types of craft

    * Hydrocarbon and jet fire protection of vessels and pipes

    * Bulkhead & deck insulation for offshore oil platforms & FPSO’s

    * Cable tray fire protection

    * Ductwork fire protection

    * Infill of fire doors and lightweight cladding panels