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  • Heizkessel

    Special 3D Parts

    Due to far reaching features in heating and insulation technology, today's boilers are more energy efficient than they used to be. The ultimate aim is designing domestic boilers even more advanced by further increase of the thermal and cost efficiency and by the development of small domestic boilers that combine heating and energy supply (electricity).

    In order to help you to achieve these goals, our domestic appliances specialists developed a wide range of special products, which are a.o. applied for the internal insulation of the combustion chamber / heat exchanger and for the insulation of the outer boiler housing for thermal or for acoustic reasons. Other solutions with our products can be found in gasketing/sealing applications. 

    • Aerogel superinsulation
    • Boiler boards and 3D special shapes 
    • Calcium silicate boards
    • Glass wool parts
    • GPE gastight gaskets
    • GPE textiles
    • High temperature resistant textile products
    • Millboard Products
    • Refractory fibre products
    • Special engineered gaskets and seals
    • Ultimate Ring Seals (Endless Textile Rings)
    • Wearflex® insulation covers (Boiler covers)