The Insulcon Group

Leader in high temperature solutions - Refractories, Wearflex Expansion Bellows, Refrex and Textile Products

  • Anodenherstellung / Rodding workshop

    Due to high-energy prices and emission quota, high efficiency sealing and thermal performance are important issues in today`s anode bake furnaces and rodding shops. We offer a wide range of (exhaust) seals, gaskets, blankets, etc for the use in the anode bake process / rodding shop. In order to provide our costumers with the best solution, our non-ferrous specialists are continuously searching for better products and systems. Our carbon bake furnace and rodding shop products provide high sealing effectiveness, thermal performance and durability.  

    Anode baking Furnace

    Products we can offer are: 

    • Burner Seals
    • Expansion joint filling (Insulmould®)
    • Fibre products
    • Flue Baffles
    • Fluxes
    • Furnace lid covers
    • High temperature Textile products
    • Insulating Fire Bricks
    • Insulmicanite electrical insulation
    • Lid cover fillings
    • Pig Iron
    • Refractory linings
    • Stub Coating
    • Thermocouple (seals)
    • Wearflex® fabric expansion joints